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RAPID  Araldite  Two Part Epoxy Adhesive  24ml Syringe

RAPID Araldite® Two Part Epoxy Adhesive 24ml Syringe

Price: 7.95 (Excluding VAT 798 545 068 at 20%)


RAPID Araldite® Two Part Epoxy Adhesive Syringe

Araldite® RAPID is a "fast-setting" two part solvent-free epoxy adhesive. It is supplied in a blister pack as a 24ml twin-tube cartridge with a syringe plunger for easy, clean and even dispensing. RAPID is easy to apply by squeezing the plunger to dispense the contents of both tubes evenly, then mixing both parts to a paste to provide good quick bonding of metals, wood, ceramics, masonry, glass, dry concrete, leather, cardboard, most plastics, fabric and rubbers. RAPID will fill uneven gaps and it is water and oil resistant. It is long lasting, very strong and it can be sanded and painted over. RAPID will survive at ambient temperatures down to -50°C.


Online Shop |  ARALDITE

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